We have earned a reputation for exceptional pastoral care, and our highly personalised services include providing advice and help for people during their lifetime with regards to arrangements such as convalescence accommodation and residential care.

We have outlined our professional experience and communal credentials. Put these ingredients together, add a large dose of humanity and care, and this is what differentiates us from even the best legal practices. While other practices offer expertise and professionalism, they can not reasonably be expected, answerable as they are to budget targets and chargeable hour requirements, to go the extra mile with regular contact including home visits, and in ensuring that a proper Jewish burial is arranged with Kaddish said for a year after death and on each anniversary.

We know that many clients do not have family, or their family are scattered around the world in today’s global village, so we are there for them and if they require help in fields outside our area of competence, we use our network of communal and other contacts to put them in touch with organisations which can help and we co-ordinate those activities as needed.

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