KKL is unique in British Jewry in offering a communal executor & trustee service since 1948.

Since our establishment we have successfully administered hundreds of estates. KKL is a trust corporation, the only type of company (as opposed to individuals) permitted by law to act as an executor or trustee. This means continuity as well as accumulated experience.

We are conscious of the trust and responsibility you put on us which we regard as a privilege. Our primary duty is to our clients who entrust us with the administration of their estates and to stand in their shoes when they are no longer alive. KKL will ensure your estate is properly administered in accordance with English law and the full value of the estate is safeguarded and realised and distributed in accordance with the terms of your Will after payment of all debts and taxes.

KKL will trace all your assets, calculate and arrange for the payment of any debts and taxes, obtain probate, trace your beneficiaries and resolve any disputes which may arise. These duties can become time-consuming and complicated. Whilst your executor could be a close friend, relative or professional adviser, many people decide that choosing a professional executor company such as KKL is the best solution for them.

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