Wills and Estate Planning

We can draft the right Will for you, help safeguard your family’s financial circumstances for the future, and can often help save our clients a considerable sum of money in Inheritance Tax and legal fees. We can also act as Executor of your Estate.


Pastoral Care

We have earned a reputation for exceptional pastoral care, and our highly personalised services include providing advice and help for people during their lifetime with regards to arrangements such as convalescence accommodation and residential care.


Powers of Attorney

Granting a Lasting Power of Attorney for both property and financial affairs, and health and welfare can lift a huge weight off your shoulders. KKL will help you prevent the stress and worry that accompanies ill-health and diminishing capabilities.

Why Choose KKL

      • We are the Jewish Community’s first and favourite Wills and Estate Planning Organisation
      • Our highly qualified team will ensure your Will is legally watertight and can act as Executor in the administration of your Estate
      • We can help reduce your Inheritance Tax liability
      • Peace of mind in knowing that your needs are being looked after by our caring and professional team
      • Our expert advice is free of charge (terms and conditions apply) when you leave a legacy to our parent charity JNF Charitable Trust

Andrew 2 - 13027

“I‘m not afraid to die. I just don’t want to be there when it happens!”  Woody Allen.

Many of us feel a reticence to confront the issue of death and an irrational fear that by addressing the issue we are somehow hastening that event.

However, we do take other measures to deal with death or illness such as buying life insurance or having periodic health checks and people often live for many years after those events. Such is the case with Wills and choosing an Executor. Family members and trusted friends can bring their own strengths to the role.  Not everyone is blessed with a united and close family, or indeed with any family, and our circle of friends can diminish over the years.  KKL offers continuity with pastoral care and regular contact which provides personal and professional knowledge to enable us as Executor to administer your estate and distribute it in accordance with your wishes.  We can act alone or with family and friends.

Whatever choice you make, do not be afraid to act. Once you have banished the taboo of death you can move forward with your (hopefully) long life.

In my next blog: Updating your Will before the High Holydays…

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KKL Executor and Trustee Company Ltd spring and autumn newsletters contain interesting articles about our important work and the services we provide within the Jewish Community. We also produce written articles of interest that are published in the Jewish Press. These include articles relating to Wills and Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax Planning as well as articles examining the importance of Powers of Attorney, how they are registered, and their benefit.